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Our team of Women's Health GPs is committed to empowering women to take control of all areas of their pelvic and reproductive health


Women’s Health Doctor

Unlike other GP clinics that service a very broad range of patient complaints and conditions, the FitRight HQ GP's have extra qualifications and a special passion in the area of Women's Health, so you can be rest assured that you're getting the most up to date advice and treatment. With longer consult times as the norm, you can be confident that you will be thoroughly listened to and examined, and a comprehensive management plan will be implemented.

Our GPs can assist you with


Contraception & Reproductive Health

Contraception options and advice  |   Mirena or Implanon insertion  |   Period issues (painful, too heavy, irregular)  |   Cervical Screening Tests  |



Symptom management (mood, sleep, weight etc)  |  Advice on medications  | Advice on further testing  |


Postnatal Health

Suture pain & healing   |   Postnatal health check    |    Diet, medication and exercise advice    |   Mastitis management    |


Preconception and Pregnancy

Preconception Advice   |   Fertility advice   |   Genetic testing   |   Prenatal safety advice   |   Pregnancy symptom management   |


Sexual Health

Painful sex or bleeding with sex  | Vulvovaginal skin issues   |   Libido issues   |   Sexually Transmitted Infection screening  |

The FitRight Difference


You’ll see a very experienced General Practitioner with extra training in the area of Women’s Health


You’ll have long consult sessions with time to properly listen and delve down into exactly what’s happening, and how to achieve your goals


You’ll have the option to be referred to other FitRight practitioners and/or exercise classes if needed, to really pull all the puzzle pieces together

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