Are you looking to get back into exercise after an injury or during or after pregnancy? Or are you keen to increase your physical activity in general after a period of inactivity but don’t know where to start?

Clinical Exercise is a fantastic place to begin, as these classes provide a safe and effective platform to launch you towards feeling and performing as your best self.

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    Within our FitRight HQ clinic, we have a cosy exercise space set up for closely supervised, physio-led clinical exercise sessions. With a pilates reformer, wunda chair and other state-of-the-art equipment, we offer individual sessions, duets and small group sessions to women at any stage of life.

    What is Clinical Exercise?

    Clinical Exercise, which is sometimes known as Clinical Pilates, is a form of physical exercise combining traditional rehabilitation exercises with Pilates-inspired movements instructed by a Physiotherapist. Specialized apparatus, including the reformer, wunda chair and spine corrector, are utilised to improve posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and healthy breathing mechanics. These apparatuses allow for personalised exercises that can be adapted to all levels of experience and ability.

    Clinical Exercise classes at FitRight HQ are focused on the individual, with an emphasis on setting and achieving personal goals. Small group sizes in each session ensure a supportive atmosphere with personal attention and modifications.

    Would Clinical Exercise be Beneficial For Me?

    Yes – everyone can benefit from it! In particular, anyone who feels as though they:

    • Need a regular stretch and wants to improve their core strength, posture and ability to do the things they love

    • Are keen to exercise but feel like they would suit individual programming and supervision rather than a large fitness class

    • Want to manage their aches, pains or pelvic floor issues in a holistic way, rather than one-off physio consults

    • Want to be challenged in a safe, supervised and fun environment

    • Want to exercise in a safe and supervised environment during or after pregnancy​

    This Sounds Great – Where do I Start?

    Tell Me More About the Initial Assessment…

    To provide the most effective program for exercise and rehabilitation, an initial assessment is a prerequisite for all exercise classes.

    During this assessment, your Physio will work with you to recommend the best exercise pathway for you. Depending on your history and experience with Pilates equipment, it is commonly recommended that you begin with 1-3 individual sessions before joining a group class. If you would prefer to continue with private individual instruction, this is also an option.

    During this appointment, your full injury, medical and obstetric history will be taken, and a full body screening will be completed. An external real-time ultrasound will be offered (the probe is placed just below your belly button) to assess your pelvic floor and abdominal strength – please have a glass of water before your assessment. You will also be introduced to the clinical exercise space.

    During this appointment, your physio will work with you to set short and long-term goals, ensuring you commence a valuable and effective exercise journey.

    If you are an experienced Pilates participant, we still require you to book an Initial Assessment to bring our physios up to speed, reassess your goals and assess your core/pelvic floor awareness and strength. Wear comfy clothes as you will likely commence exercise in this appointment.

    If you have already had a FitRight Initial Class Assessment (for FitRight mat fitness classes), please let us know so that we can access this assessment. We do require that you have at least 1 individual consultation (which can be booked as either an Initial Assessment or an Individual Class) before joining a group class. Please email or call us if you have any queries about this.

    Tell me more about what to expect from a Clinical Exercise Group Class…

    Our small group classes are run as ‘Semi-Private Exercise Classes’ – these sessions are a wonderful way to work out in a fun yet still very personalised environment. During these classes, your instructor will program exercises based on your specific needs. Your instructor will guide you through your prescribed exercises with hands-on and verbal cueing and modifications as required.

    There may be up to 2 other clients present in this class type, all performing individual programs. These classes are perfect for individuals looking to work on specific challenges or goals with the confidence to work independently at times while sharing the attention of the instructor.

    What if I prefer Individual Clinical Exercise Sessions?

    If you are after a more personalised exercise experience, are a beginner or are looking for maximum attention and movement correction, then these individual sessions are ideal for you. Individual Classes can be either 30 or 45 minutes in duration.

    All participants are encouraged to have at least 1 individual exercise session prior to joining group classes.

    What is a Duet Exercise Session?

    Duet classes are ideal if you have a friend or family member who you would like to exercise with each week. You will each receive individual attention in these 45-minute classes, which can be anytime throughout the day (you don’t need to be limited to group class session times).

    Please note that to book a duet exercise class, you will need to have an exercise buddy in mind. If you or your exercise buddy do not attend the session, then the session will be charged at the individual session rate.

    Can I Bring My Baby Along to Clinical Exercise Classes?

    Yes, you are welcome to bring your baby along to any class or appointment at FitRight HQ. We do, however, offer specific ‘Bring your Baby’ classes which allow you to socialise with other mums and have access to community volunteers to help out with your little one/ones!

    We welcome women from 4-6 weeks postnatal to these supervised classes, which are run in the same way as our semi-private exercise classes.

    As Pilates and exercise equipment can be hazardous to little children, these classes are suitable for mums with babies who are not yet mobile or who are happy to sit in a pram.

    Community volunteers will most likely be available to assist in caring for your children in the same room as you exercise. Please be aware that the volunteers are members of the community, and while every effort will be made to provide assistance each week, this may not always be possible. All volunteers must have a working with children check and be up to date with their immunisations (including whooping cough).

    What if I am Pregnant?

    Women in any stage of pregnancy are welcome to attend any of our clinical exercise class options. You can attend any time, from preconception to the day that you deliver. We are able to modify and adapt exercises to suit any stage of pregnancy and any pregnancy-related aches and pains.

    All classes (individual and group) are claimable on private health insurance under Physiotherapy codes. Please contact your provider to find out how much you will get back (quote the code 500 for your initial appointment and 505 for any subsequent appointments), as the amount varies! Most people find that between $20 and the full amount is covered by their insurance for group classes (more for the initial consultation)!

    Will I be Able to Claim on My Private Health Insurance?


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