Veronica Thompson

Veronica Thompson


  • Physiotherapist

  • Masters in Continence and Pelvic Health 

  • Polestar Studio Rehab Pilates Instructor

  • Yoga 200h Teacher

What type of patients do you like to treat at FitRight HQ and what days do you work?

I work in both the areas of musculoskeletal and pelvic health physiotherapy. I am passionate about treating women throughout all their life-stages; be it pelvic floor concerns, pregnancy related issues, postnatal rehabilitation (including abdominal separation), return to running, musculoskeletal aches and pains and any issues that arise around the time of menopause. I love to help my patients reach their goals and take a very active and empowering approach to help them get there.

I see patients at FitRight HQ on Monday & Tuesday afternoons, and Thursday & Friday mornings and every third Saturday.

What has your journey as a Physiotherapist looked like so far?

Bump&Me Aqua and New Mums Aqua in O’Connor and Baby&Me Ardross.

What do you love most about being a FitRight Instructor?

I love being able to connect with new mums and help them start their new journey into motherhood in a really active way, and I think FitRight classes are such a perfect and safe way to do that.

What do you love most about working with FitRight?

I absolutely love feeling like I’m making a positive impact on someone’s experience in the childbearing years and beyond, and that I’m doing my little part to help prevent these women from suffering with common pelvic floor muscle related issues in the future. If we can empower women earlier in life to change habits and optimise their muscles, then at menopausal age hopefully they can avoid common problems like prolapse and incontinence that maybe their mothers and grandmothers suffered from. I never feel like FitRight instructing is work – I get to exercise and chat with like minded women every week!

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