Sabine Fleitmann

Sabine Fleitmann


  • Physiotherapist

  • Clinical Pilates Instructor

Where do you work as a Physio and what type of clients do you treat on a normal day?

I work as a Physio and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach for my own small business called Core Confidence. I help clients re-engage in appropriate movement in their recovery and provide lived experience support as they heal their relationship with food, exercise and body image.

Which FitRight classes do you currently teach?

Bump&Me and Empower at North Perth.

What do you love most about being a FitRight Instructor?

I love the community feel that FitRight groups bring. Everyone is so supportive and understanding of each other – it’s always beautiful to witness!

What do you love most about working with FitRight?

I absolutely love feeling like I’m making a positive impact on someone’s experience in the childbearing years and beyond, and that I’m doing my little part to help prevent these women from suffering with common pelvic floor muscle related issues in the future. If we can empower women earlier in life to change habits and optimise their muscles, then at menopausal age hopefully they can avoid common problems like prolapse and incontinence that maybe their mothers and grandmothers suffered from. I never feel like FitRight instructing is work – I get to exercise and chat with like minded women every week!

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