Revive Online

FitRight Revive Online is a class aimed at calming the nervous system and unwinding muscle tension through a mix of yoga, meditation/mindfulness, breathing, dynamic stretches and pilates. This class is especially aimed at those with overactive pelvic floors or pelvic pain disorders.

$128 for an 8-week course
(8 classes at $16 per class)

  • Suitable for all women, pregnant women and mums with children of any age

  • Classes are 30 minutes and are run in a live online format

  • Casual classes can be purchased at any time for $20 per class

  • These classes are not private health fund relatable

  • Missed classes can be accessed retrospectively

  • Minimal equipment will be required

Course Start Dates for 2023

Week of 13th March (Course 2)
Week of 8th May (Course 3)
Week of 3rd July (Course 4)

Please note that an initial assessment with a physiotherapist is preferred but not a pre-requisite. Telehealth consultations are available.

How it Works


Choose an upcoming class from the options below and finalise your booking


You will be sent a confirmation email with the class link


Book an initial assessment with a physiotherapist (encouraged but not a pre-requisite)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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