New Mums Aqua

FitRight New Mums Aqua is an eight week course of postnatal pool fitness classes. These are beginner to intermediate level water based classes, involving low impact cardio and resistance exercise, with a specific focus on abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strengthening.

$280 for an 8-week course
(8 classes at $35 per class)

  • These 50 minute classes are suitable for Mums with babies approximately 6 weeks to 9 months old

  • Mid-course and casual enrolments will become available after the first class (if places are available) at a cost of $40 per class

  • Classes attended are Private health fund rebatable

  • Classes will be individualised as required

  • Babies do not need to be brought to the class. Babies can be cared for by community volunteers nearby (down a flight of stairs next to the pool side) if you wish. You also have the option for them to be on the side of the pool while you are doing the aqua exercise, as long as they are adequately restrained in their capsule, pram or similar. There is no guarantee that volunteers will be available at every class.

  • The babies do not go into the pool during this class. There is no current option to include an additional 30 mins for Baby Pool Play, but we may offer this again in the future.

Course Start Dates for 2023

Week of 13th March (Course 2)
Week of 8th May (Course 3)
Week of 3rd July (Course 4)

Please note that an initial assessment with a physiotherapist is pre-requisite.

How it Works


Select the location and class option that suits you below


See above for the next 8 week course and search for that date to book the full course. If it’s mid way through a course click on the midcourse product or dates that you’d like for casual bookings


Ensure you have an initial assessment booked with a physiotherapist before or soon after your first class

Book your New Mums Aqua class online

Frequently Asked Questions


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