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The physiotherapists at FitRight HQ are able to provide Laser & Ultrasound treatment for common breast conditions such as nipple damage and mastitis.


Lactation Consultant Perth

Breastfeeding issues that mothers commonly suffer from, such as nipple damage, blocked ducts and mastitis, can be helped by physiotherapists. Low level laser therapy can help to speed up nipple damage and decrease pain, while therapeutic ultrasound can decrease inflammation in the breast tissue that occurs with mastitis. 

These treatments should be done alongside and in conjunction with management by a Lactation Consultant, so that the root cause of the issue is being addressed rather than a ‘bandaid’ approach of managing the symptoms. We highly recommend Eve Coote and her team of IBCLC’s at Best Start Lactation Consultancy, conveniently located under the same roof at FitRight HQ.

A Perth woman having a lactation consult at FitRight

Breastfeeding Suppourt

Our consultants can assist you with

  • Nipple damage

  • Mastitis

  • 'Blocked ducts'

The FitRight Difference


If you contact FitRight HQ and let us know that you need laser or ultrasound treatment, we will do our best to prioritise getting you an appointment within the next day or two


You’ll speak to a physiotherapist who will take your history, assess you, and decide on the best treatment - including whether or not you need to be referred to the Lactation Consultants or Women’s Health GP’s who are conveniently located under the same roof at FitRight HQ.


You’ll be followed up regularly (daily if needed) until the issue is resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eve Coote | Best Start Lactation

Eve Coote and her team of Lactation Consultants at Best Start Lactation will help you with all aspects of breastfeeding.

All of the Lactation Consultants working at Best Start are IBCLC’s, which is the gold standard in lactation management. They will offer you and your baby a complete and full assessment in regards to all of the emotional and physical aspects of breastfeeding. From low weight gain, to engorgement, to expressing, and everything in between - Eve and her team at Best Start Lactation are the absolute best for all your breastfeeding needs.

Eve and her team can assist you with

  • Antenatal preparation for breastfeeding education

  • Nipple pain or damage, and advice on optimal latch and nipple shields

  • Tongue and lip ties

  • Low supply/over supply of milk

  • Low weight gain

  • Engorgement/blocked ducts/mastitis

  • Expressing


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