Initial Assessments

One of the main factors that differentiates FitRight from other exercise options is that it is essential to have an initial assessment with a physiotherapist before you begin your classes. 

For both Clinical Exercise Classes, and for our 8 week group Exercise Classes, we want to ensure you get the most out of them, and that includes making sure that we know your history, goals and any current issues.

The results of this initial assessment allow the class you join to be adjusted to suit your personal capabilities and ensures that you aren’t doing anything that could cause or worsen issues with your pelvic health or musculoskeletal health. 

What to expect from an Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment - Group Exercise

Initial Assessment - Clinical Exercise

Initial Assessment Information

Can't make it to FitRight HQ? Find a Physiotherapist close to you

Below you will find a list of physiotherapists around Perth and Mandurah that are recommended by FitRight. You will need to ask to be booked in for a ‘FitRight Assessment’ with a physiotherapist who specialises in Women's Health.

If your Physiotherapist is not on this list, or if they are in the public health sector, please contact us so that we can ensure that the assessment will be adequate. We will likely need you to contact the Physiotherapist (for privacy reasons) and and ask them to complete an assessment form or send a copy of your clinical notes.

Payment and bookings for the clinics listed below are completely separate to FitRight and appointment costs will vary.

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