FitRight’s Top Tips For Remembering Your Pelvic Floor Exercises


Different people have different strategies for remembering to do important tasks during their day (and what is more important than pelvic floor exercises…?!).

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    The first step to optimising your pelvic floor exercise program is getting your pelvic floor assessed, and an individual program put in place. Because you know what? Your pelvic floor is not the same as your friend’s pelvic floor. Maybe you need to focus on strength training and do as many strongholds as you can in a row to the point of fatigue. Or maybe you need to do the exact opposite and focus on the relaxation part of the exercise and how diaphragm breathing can help to completely let go.

    Then the second step is working out when you’re going to remember them so that you don’t get to the end of the week and suddenly realise you haven’t done any since you read this blog!

    So here are our 3 top tips for remembering to get your pelvic floor exercises DONE!!

    Tip #1 – Task Related Reminders

    Some people are great with having tasks in their day that prompt them to remember. So for task-related reminders, we would recommend cleaning your teeth, having a shower, going to the toilet or boiling the kettle.

    Tip #2 – Incorporate into your Exercise Routine

    Some people are great with having pelvic floor exercises incorporated into their exercise routines. So for these people, we would recommend making the set of pelvic floor exercises part of your warm-up or cool down during your workout. Ideally, you would also incorporate it into movements during your workout too – ask your physio to show you how to do this, and kill two birds with one stone!

    Tip # 3 – Use Technology

    Some people need a phone app to remind them – something that you can set to alarm as many times in the day or week as you have been prescribed, which will then lead you through your personalised program, showing you how many seconds to hold, how many seconds to relax, and how many repetitions to aim for.

    We usually recommend the Squeezy app (produced by the NHS) Being able to see how many times you’ve done it is motivating too, and it also has a ‘snooze’ option.

    We hope you find this information helpful in remembering to do your pelvic floor exercises!

    Would you like to have your pelvic floor assessed?…..make an appointment now at FitRight HQ with one of our specialist Physio’s? Book HERE.

    Don’t forget… can join a pelvic floor-focused exercise class as a regular part of your week and have a FitRight Physio lead you through your pelvic floor exercises. Book HERE.


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