Considering that such a high proportion of women experience pain and/or dryness with sex (especially at life stages where oestrogen levels decrease - breastfeeding and menopause), personal lubricants are something that should be more openly discussed.

Lucky for us at FitRight, we have in-house Sexologist extraordinaire Asha Bosman on hand to give us all the information we need to know about the different types of lubricants and their pros and cons.

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    Why is it important to choose the right lubricant?

    Navigating the world of personal lubricants can be a bit overwhelming, especially considering the lubes sold in the supermarkets are not often of the best quality.

    Whether it's for enhancing comfort during intimacy or alleviating dryness, understanding the different types of lubricants can make a significant difference.

    Here's a simple guide to help you make an informed choice:

    Water-Based Lubricants: The All-Rounder

    Perfect for a variety of uses, water-based lubricants are a safe bet for most.

    They're compatible with condoms and sex toys, easy to clean, and less likely to cause irritation.

    However, you might need to reapply after a certain amount of time, particularly if you experience vaginal dryness because you may find they dry out faster without additional moisture.

    Top Picks: Sliquid H2O, Pjur Original, and YES WB Water-based

    Silicone-Based Lubricants: For Lasting Smoothness

    If you're looking for durability, silicone-based lubricants are your go-to. They stay slick for longer, are a great option for people who find water-based lubes don’t last long enough, and they also are waterproof, making them ideal for play in the shower.

    Just remember, they're not suitable for use with silicone toys.

    Top Picks: Uberlube and Pjur Woman Silicone

    Oil-Based Lubricants: The Sensual Choice

    For those who enjoy a sensual massage leading into more intimate activities, oil-based lubricants offer a silky, long-lasting texture.

    Be cautious though – they're not compatible with latex condoms, they can be tricky to wash off, and they may stain sheets.

    Top Picks: YES OB Oil-based and Olive and Bee intimate cream.

    Hybrid Lubricants: The Best of Both Worlds

    Can't decide between water-based and silicone? Hybrid lubricants combine the ease of water-based lubes with the lasting power of silicone.

    They're versatile, condom-friendly, and ideal for a range of activities. I would also strongly recommend using a hybrid lubricant if you are using silicone trainers/dilators whilst in the shower.

    Top Picks: Sliquid Silk and System Jo Hybrid

    Remember, the right lubricant can enhance your personal comfort and pleasure.

    Always consider any allergies or sensitivities you might have, and when in doubt, test a small amount first.

    Here's to your health and happiness!

    You can book a Sexology appointment at FitRight HQ HERE.

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