Contraception & Reproductive Health

Our GP’s love to help women with all aspects of health to do with contraception, periods and the reproductive system. They ensure that their advice is up to date and holistic, and they look forward to helping you to feel empowered about your health and your management options. The GP’s have the option to refer in house to one of the other FitRight HQ practitioners, such as Pelvic Health Physiotherapy or Psychology/Sexology.


Reproductive Health Check

A ‘Reproductive Health Check’ will cover all things to do with contraception and period health.  We want you to feel empowered and knowledgeable about your reproductive health and your contraceptive options.

  • Contraception advice 

  • Management of period paid, heavy periods or irregular periods

  • Mirena and Implanon pre-insertion consulting and decision making

  • Mirena insertion

  • Implanon insertion

Appointment Time: 45 minutes

Please select ‘Reproductive Health Check’ when booking


Cervical Screening Test

Are you due for your next Cervical Screening Test? This appointment type is for women who require routine Cervical Screening, and your doctor will discuss the options of a doctor-collected sample and self-collected sample. 

Appointment Time: 30 minutes

Please select ‘Cervical Screening Test’ when booking


Repeat Contraceptive Pill

Are you currently taking a Contraceptive Pill and due for your repeat prescription? Please note - this appointment type is for women who intend to continue their current prescription. 

Appointment Time: 15 minutes

Please select ‘Repeat Contraceptive Pill’ when booking

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