Taryn Watson

Correct toilet position-V4

How to Stop Straining On The Toilet – FitRight’s Top Tips For Your Best Poo


Preconception & Early Pregnancy GP Consults

bladder-leaking-the-knack (1)

Stopping the leaks with coughs and sneezes – What is The Knack?

why-overactive-pelvic-floor (1)

Why might someone end up with an ‘Overactive’ Pelvic Floor?

overactive-pelvic-floor-relax (1)

What is an Overactive Pelvic Floor?

Happy beautiful diverse girls with yoga mats in hands standing in gym, smiling young women wearing sportswear having fun after training, posing for group portrait at grey wall background

Are abs exercises bad for my pelvic floor?


Why An Overactive Pelvic Floor is Not a Strong Pelvic Floor…


Wrist Pain & Dysfunction in the Childbearing Years


Taryn’s 5 Steps To Managing Abdominal Muscle Separation


How to devise a ‘Pregnancy – Friendly’ exercise regime


Your Guide to Solving the Pelvic Floor Puzzle

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