Asha Bosman



  • Sexologist

  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology

  • Post Graduate Degree in Sexology

What type of patients do you treat at FitRight HQ?

Being a mother of two children myself, I have an understanding, and special interest in helping those who experience the various, and complex sexual difficulties related to pregnancy and parenthood. Examples of such difficulties include, but are not limited to; Sexual pain, relationship challenges, low sexual desire, and low sexual self-esteem.

Additionally, I see many patients who are struggling with the shift and changes to their identity since becoming a parent, and specifically the impact it has on relationships and intimacy.

Where and what days do you work?

I see patients at FitRight HQ on Monday’s between 9am and 2pm.

What do you love most about working as a Sexologist?

I love being able to provide an open, and non-judgmental environment where people feel
comfortable sharing their most intimate thoughts, feelings, and desires with me.

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